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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Staining and Soiling a carpet?
The majority of stain complaints from customers are actually soil related.  For example, soft-drink and coffee spills leave a sugar residue after removal.  This sticky residue attracts soil from ordinary shoe traffic resulting in a discolored area which, appears to be the stain.  This also occurs when a detergent is used to clean a spill in which residue is left behind.  It is essential that an area with a spill is thoroughly rinsed with water and blotted dry after removing any spill.
How should I maintain my carpet?
Vacuuming frequently, especially in high traffic areas is the best way to care for your carpet. Walking on soiled carpets allows the soil particles to work their way down below the surface of the pile making it far more difficult to remove dirt and increasing the chances of carpet damage.
I frequently vacuum my carpet like the manufacturer recommends, so does this mean it’s not necessary to have to have my carpet professionally cleaned?
No, manufacturers recommend a typical household carpet should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending on the number of residents and amount of activity.
How do I know what method of carpet cleaning is the best?
It is important to choose the proper cleaning method.  Some systems leave residues, which accelerates the re-soiling process and defeats the whole purpose of cleaning.   Research indicates the Hot Water Extraction System commonly referred to as “steam cleaning” provides the best capability for cleaning.
What is the Hot Water Extraction System?
The process involves spraying a soap solution and hot water onto the carpet.  A powerful vacuum system extracts the residue, dirt, and allergens from your carpet to a storage tank within our truck mounts or portable units.  Carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction process not only because it prolongs the life of your carpet but because it improves the air quality within your home.
I have a carpet that has been treated with a stain protector. Does this mean my carpet is thoroughly protected from stains?
NO carpet is absolutely stain proof.  Some carpets have stain resistant treatments that improve your ability to clean stains, but NOT prevent stains.  At the same time, carpets that have soil resistant treatments reduce the rate of soiling, but all carpets require regular maintenance.
How do I remove a fresh stain?
Your normal tendency would be to ATTACK the stain however aggressive rubbing tends to distort the fibers and could leave a fuzzy look.  The BEST method would be to gently blot the stain with a clean white absorbent cloth or paper towel.  The safest solution to use on most stains is equal parts vinegar and water.  When in doubt call our office for guidance. Try also our legendary Spot Remover!
What if it is a stain that has dried?
Again you should use equal parts vinegar and water, or try our Spot Remover.

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